The maternity necklace is a piece of jewellery that was traditionally worn in the Mayan culture. When rolled gently, it emits a soothing and harmonious crystalline sound; it was nicknamed "Angel Caller" because according to legend, it has the power to summon a guardian angel. The maternity necklace was offered to future mothers as a good luck charm.

After birth, the familiar melody was said to soothe newborns. Mothers would hang it over the cradle or sew it into a comforter to calm their baby.


Appease future mothers
Carrying a new life within you is a rich and unique experience. During pregnancy, your lifestyle and your state of mind will directly affect the baby growing inside of you. But it is often difficult to adopt a calmer pace and expectant women experience feelings of doubt and apprehension from time to time.

The soft vibrations of your maternity necklace can lead you towards a state of well-being.

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Strengthen Prenatal Bonding
From the 26th week of pregnancy, your baby will become progressively more responsive to familiar sounds in the natural environment – the beating of your heart, your breathing – as well as external sound stimuli such as voices, music and song. The abdominal wall filters out and muffles high-pitched sounds. However, baby can hear the low frequency sounds like dad’s voice or low notes.

The tinkling of the maternity necklace has a calming effect on the mother-to-be. Baby immediately senses these positive vibrations and the melody of the pendant is like a soft whispering in baby’s ear.


Reassure Your Newborn
It has been proven that newborns recognize certain sounds heard during pregnancy, like their mother’s heartbeat, and that this is a source of comfort for them.

Place your chiming pendant securely inside your ILADO comforter. Its soft melody will remind your little one of the feeling of security and well-being inside the womb, and help your newborn to peacefully adapt to the outside world.

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